Supporting Communication and Language in Early Years

At Lympstone Preschool we are committed to the support of our children and their families in as many areas as possible.

Our focus this term is on Communication and Language and supporting our families at home where possible. Our Education Manager is a trained ‘Let’s Talk Screener’ allowing our families and community to access screening for children aged two in order to help promote and support Speech and Language development in Devon.

In addition to this we also support our children in session with 1:1 and small group activities to support their language development. To ensure we continue this support for our families at home too, we offer a library book exchange within our sessions; BookStart books are given to our 3 year olds and we also have a weekly ‘story-time’ where a member of the team will video themselves reading a story to share within our online Tapestry Communication updates.

In order to make these stories available to all we have also uploaded to a YouTube channel – these weekly stories are available by searching

‘Story Time Lympstone Preschool’ on YouTube



Story Time

To support our children and their communication and language and to link with home to share our stories, we have started to post a weekly story time. These will be shared with our parents on Tapestry and will also be available to share directly with parents if requested.